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Chimney Cleaner Process in Flower Mound, Texas

We have a four-fold process of cleaning chimneys. Here’s what the process includes:

1. Clearing out the fireplace

Before beginning any work on the fireplace or chimney, we clear out any debris that may have accumulated. This includes removing any ashes from the firebox, as well as any logs or other materials that have been left behind. Once we empty the fireplace, we seal off the opening. This helps to prevent any dust or debris from entering the room while we are working.

Next, we inspect the chimney to ensure that it is clear of obstructions. If there are any blockages, we will remove them before proceeding. Finally, we will clean the fireplace and chimney and remove any soot or creosote build-up. This prevents fires and ensures that your fireplace is safe to use.

2. Removing the rain cap

Every winter, you prepare your home for the colder months ahead by ensuring that the fireplace is clean and ready to use. One important step in this process is removing the rain cap from the chimney. If you are not sure how to do it, we will remove it while cleaning your chimney. The rain cap protects the inside of the chimney from water damage and also prevents debris and soot from escaping. As a result, it’s important to remove the rain cap before cleaning the chimney. Otherwise, there will be a risk of damaging the chimney or causing a fire. 



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3. Brushing the flue thoroughly


When it comes to chimney cleaning, there are a few different methods that we use. One common method is brushing the chimney flue from the top or bottom. This method involves using a brush to remove soot and debris from the chimney walls. A big reason why we follow this technique is that it is relatively quick and easy to do. However, we are also careful when using a brush on the chimney, as it can damage the flue liner if not done correctly.


Another technique that follows right after we clean the flue is vacuuming. In this method, we use a vacuum cleaner to remove soot and debris from the chimney. Vacuuming is generally more effective than brushing and it removes even the smallest dust particle. 


4. Brushing the chimney


We first inspect the flue for any blockages or damage. Our next step involves brushing the chimney. For this task, we use a dual-line brush. This type of brush has two lines of bristles: one line runs along the outside of the brush, while the other runs along the inside. As the brush is inserted into the chimney, the outer line of bristles helps to loosen any debris that may be stuck to the sides of the flue. At the same time, the inner line of bristles pushes the debris up and out of the chimney. This method is highly effective in both round and square flues.


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Flower Mound Chimney Relining

 Chimney relining involves installing a new liner inside an existing chimney. The liner serves as a barrier between the flue gases and the masonry, protecting the chimney from the corrosive effects of the acids that are produced when burning wood. There are several different materials that we use for relining, including stainless steel, clay, and cast-in-place concrete. We will determine the type of liner after assessing your chimney’s size, shape, and location. The installation process usually takes one to two days to complete and does not require a permit. However, we will check with your local building code department in Flower Mound to ensure that no permit is required. 


Certified Chimney Inspectors are the best in the business to clean and reline your chimney in Flower Mound. We have the experience and knowledge to do a quality job, ensuring that your chimney is safe to use. When it comes time for chimney cleaning or relining in Flower Mound, call [phone] to get a free quotation. We’ll get the job done right – and make sure your chimney is ready for another winter of use!

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