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Creosote is a flammable substance that builds up on the walls of your chimney. It is created when wood burns, and it can quickly lead to a dangerous chimney fire if it isn’t removed. That’s why it’s important to have your chimney cleaned regularly. A professional chimney sweep, like Certified Chimney Inspectors, will remove the creosote from your chimney, and we will also inspect the rest of your fireplace to make sure that it is safe to use. In addition, we offer advice on how to keep your fireplace clean and prevent creosote buildup in the future. If you want an expert to take a look at your chimney and clean it thoroughly, contact Certified Chimney Inspectors today, and we’ll send a technician from our team of Little Elm Chimney Cleaner & Repair technicians.

Our Little Elm Chimney Cleaner Procedure

We understand that your chimney is an essential part of your home during winter and so, we’ll do everything possible to clean it and make it dirt-free before we leave. From inspecting the chimney to repairing damaged parts, it’s our responsibility to make your chimney functional so that you can enjoy a warm and cozy winter. Here’s how we will clean your chimney:

● At Certified Chimney Inspectors, your safety is our top priority. When you call us for an inspection, we will first inspect your chimney using a drain camera. This allows us to get a clear view of the inside of your chimney, and identify any potential hazards. We will also assess the condition of your chimney liner and fireplace, and make sure that everything is in good working order. Only then will we start the sweeping process.
● Our chimney cleaning process involves using a dual line brush system to clean the chimney walls. This system consists of two lines: a primary line that is attached to the brush head, and a secondary line that is connected to the brush shaft. The brush head is inserted into the chimney and is rotated in a clockwise direction, while the brush shaft is rotated in a counterclockwise direction. This rotating motion loosens soot and debris from the chimney walls, which are then drawn up using the secondary line and into the vacuum. The entire process usually takes between two and four hours, depending on the size and condition of the chimney.
● We use a stiff brush to remove any soot from the walls of the firebox. Once the firebox is clean, we move on to cleaning the rain cap. The rain cap is located at the top of the chimney and is responsible for keeping water out of the chimney. To clean the rain cap, we simply remove it from the chimney and use a wire brush to remove any debris. Finally, we use a vacuum cleaner to remove any soot or debris from the inside of the chimney.

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Why Chimney Inspections are Important

Many people never think about their chimney until they have a problem with it. However, a periodic chimney inspection is essential for keeping your chimney in good working order. Here are four reasons why you should have your chimney inspected at least once a year:

1. To prevent fires: A build-up of soot and creosote in your chimney can be a fire hazard. We will remove this build-up, thus reducing the risk of fire.

2. To improve efficiency: Dirty chimneys can make the heating system less efficient. By having your chimney cleaned, you can improve the performance of your heating system and save money on your energy bills.

3. To prevent damage: If there are any cracks or damage to your chimney, it can cause water to leak into your home. This can lead to expensive repairs or even health problems if the water is not cleaned up quickly.

4. To protect your family: In addition to preventing fires and damage, regular chimney inspection can also help to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can be deadly if it builds up in your home.

Certified Chimney Inspector

Certified Chimney Inspector

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Why Choose Certified Chimney Inspector?

If you’re looking for the leading chimney cleaning company in Little Elm, look no further than Certified Chimney Inspectors. Here are a few reasons why we’re the best choice for all your chimney cleaning needs:

● We hold the highest industry certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and we’re fully insured for your peace of mind.
● Our team of CSIA Certified Little Elm Chimney Cleaner & Repair technicians has more than a decade of experience in chimney inspection and cleaning, so you can trust us to do the job right.
● We offer competitive rates on all our services, so you can get the quality chimney cleaning you need without breaking the bank.
● We’re not happy until you’re happy, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our work.

When it comes to chimney cleaning and chimney inspection in Little Elm, there’s no better choice than Certified Chimney Inspectors. Contact us today at 469-813-8816 to schedule a free consultation!

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