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Keeping your home or business warm during the cold months is essential for the comfort of everyone in the place. With the cold season approaching, it is always best to have professionals take a look to make sure that everything is working properly. While your fireplace chimney may appear in good shape on the outside, its performance may be affected by debris inside that could cause blockages. It is advisable to get professionals to do cleaning, repairs, and a general inspection to ascertain that everything is working.

Are you a resident of Irving, Texas, looking to get a professional chimney service to perform an inspection and check for repairs? Certified Chimney Inspectors is the company to call. We are a licensed chimney company that does inspections, cleaning, installations, and repairs for a reasonable cost. Call us to get the services provided by our team of CSIA Certified Irving Chimney Cleaner & Repair Specialists.

We provide reliable services for both businesses and residential properties in Irving and surrounding areas.

Irving Chimney Cleaner & Repair Services

 Chimney Inspection – We use our state-of-the-art equipment to map out the chimney and place cameras inside to see if there is any damage to your chimney. The inspection also allows us to check for dirt and debris that may lower the efficiency of your chimney. During this process, we employ techniques that ensure there is no unnecessary mess that will come about when we are checking for debris.

Chimney Cleaning – We use special brushes to access any debris in the chimney and remove it professionally. We do this carefully to avoid causing any damage to the chimney. We use tarping to avoid creating a mess around the fireplace when removing the dirt. We have invested in high-quality vacuums that control dust so that there is no health risk when there are people and pets on the premises. We use a wire bristle brush to remove any soot or debris in the chimney and then use a camera to check for damage.

Once we complete our inspection, we create an estimate for our customers depending on the repairs or services that are necessary.

Irving, Texas

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Chimney Services

Chimney Repair & Restoration in Irving, TX

We make any necessary repairs so that your chimney will be fully functional by the time you start using the fireplace during the cold season. Your chimney is susceptible to cracks, especially if you have been using it for many years. Many old chimneys often need relining or resurfacing to operate at peak performance. If your chimney has not been relined, we can install one to ensure that the gases are transferred outside the property when the fireplace is in use.

Reach out to us to schedule a straightforward inspection and cleaning for your chimney. If we realize that there is a need for repairs after our inspection, we will let you know and advise on the best method of repair that will ensure optimum efficiency for your chimney.

Installation – You can decide to upgrade your fireplace if you feel that the current one is too old. We install new fireplaces and chimneys. We can walk you through the options available for fireplace installation and chimney installation as well. If you are looking to change from a wood-burning fireplace to a different one, we are also very capable of giving those services.

Call Certified Chimney Inspectors to do the above services and get top-notch services from the chimney experts.

Certified Chimney Inspector

Certified Chimney Inspector

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Why Choose Certified Chimney Inspector?

Expert Services – Hiring us guarantees the best results because we are experts at the job. With years in the industry, we are aware of the issues that come with chimneys of various models and sizes. This puts us in a unique position to advise our clients on the best chimney when they are considering a replacement. Our expertise also comes in handy when we need to do repairs as we can locate and fix any issues fast and efficiently.

Licensed – We are fully licensed, which means that we are CSIA certified Irving Chimney Cleaner & Repair Specialists that you can trust to work on your chimney. Our technicians know how to handle any inspections without causing unnecessary damage. We can also install a new fireplace if you feel that you need an upgraded model. With us, you can trust that the result will be a job done with high levels of professionalism. What’s more, you can schedule maintenance and inspection with us after the installation so that your fireplace is always in the best condition.

Reasonable Prices – We give our customers a quote estimate once we do an inspection. We always have a fair quote because we believe in carrying out the job with the utmost integrity.

Call us for a chimney inspection and get a reasonable estimate for the above services. We guarantee a transparent inspection process and a thorough job. Reach out to hire professionals you can trust to handle your chimney inspection and cleaning.

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